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Mandela Moments on Breakfast

11 June 2018 FEATURED


In remembering Madiba, Breakfast with David is taking us down memory lane to celebrate the life  of Nelson Mandela. On this page David O’ Sullivan is taking you through Madiba’s footsteps. From growing up as a young boy in Qunu, student life, being a vibrant politician to becoming one of the most iconic statesman. You will hear Iconic speeches from the Rivonia trial, some of his underground interviews he conducted with foreign media including the, “Never Again” Inauguration speech in 1994 and more. This year we are commemorating his centenary.


Nelson Mandela’s first conference after spending 27 years in prison:


Nelson Mandela’s first press conference after being released:

We continue building up to the 2018 Nelson Mandela day on the 18th of July. This will mark Madiba’s centenary year. David O’Sullivan played snippets of Nelson Mandela’s first press conference after being released where he had an encounter with a young Teddy Mattera. Teddy Mattera called in on the show to share more details about that day’s briefing


Nelson Mandela and  President FW De Klerk together at a press briefing:

In Today’s clip, David O’Sullivan takes us back to May 1990 when Nelson Mandela and then President FW De Klerk appeared together at a press briefing.


Nelson Mandela visits Sebokeng Hospital in March 1990:

In today’s Nelson Mandela moment, David O’Sullivan revisits an encounter he had with Madiba in March 1990 in Sebokeng where Madiba was visiting victims of a shooting involving the Police


Nelson Mandela speaks on 1994 elections:
Breakfast with David continues building up to Mandela Day by revisiting another significant moment in our countries history. This time around we take you back to June 1990 when Madiba addressed a number of journalists talking about the upcoming elections and what this would mean for every black South African who is eligible to vote in 1994.


Madiba speaks for the first time outside Tutu’s home:

David O’Sullivan revisits Nelson Mandela’s first press conference after being released from Prison. This press conference happened outside Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s home.



Nelson Mandela shows his quirky personality:
We continue with clips from Nelson Mandela’s first press conference after being released. This time around we play a clip where Nelson Mandela is interacting with people in the room and shows glimpses of his own personality. This happens during the speech he was given, which a lot of people thought was written for him.

Nelson Mandela comments on talks between ruling National Party Government and ANC
We continue building up to Nelson Mandela day by playing clips from Nelson Mandela’s first ever press conference. This was at a time tension between NP and the ANC was high. In today’s featured clip, Nelson Mandela talks about how confident he is that the talks will workout and will see a peaceful election campaign.

South Africans edged to #ShaveToRemember Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela Foundation CEO, Sello Hatang was in studio to talk about the #ShaveToRemember initiative currently happening on social media. He’s edged all South Africans to shave the famous Madiba line on their heads

Nelson Mandela comments on Arms Struggle
We continue playing clips from Nelson Mandela’s first press conference after being released from prison. In today’s clip we focus on Madiba answering questions around the issue of the Arms Struggle